Perfect Piggies

Title: Perfect Piggies

Author: Sandra Boynton

Age Group: 1-4

The plot, in three sentences or less: From the spring of their tails to their snuffling snouts, piggies are pretty much perfect. Appreciate their wonderful pigginess in this sweet little book!

The Good:

* Sandra Boynton is a fixture on our bookshelf right now. The Grumpkin loves all her work, but Perfect Piggies has been a fast favourite since day dot. I had the whole thing memorized after about three readings.

* There’s a little song at the beginning! Any book with the words “snuffle-dee-dah” in it is A-OK by me.

* The pictures are, as usual, very sweet.


The Bad:

* Remember how I said I had it memorized? Well, it was memorized to the point of circling around in my head, over and over. So many nights I have drifted off to “We are all perfect piggies and we know what we need…” It’s very, very, very catchy. Very.


My Overall Opinion:

This book is going to have to be replaced for the next kiddo, because it has been LOOOOVED by The Grumpkin. Not only have we read it a bazillion times (we have), but we also have pictures of her chewing on it, sitting on it, flipping through it (maybe we take too many pictures?). When she gets into a book, she gets INTO a book. If that doesn’t make you want to go out and buy a copy for your own little ‘un, I don’t know what will!

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