A Girl Like You

Title: A Girl Like You
Author: Frank Murphy and Carla Murphy
Illustrator:  Kayla Harren
Published By: Sleeping Bear Press, 2020

I have a confession to make: when I was pregnant, I knew my daughter, Vivi, was going to be a girl. And I felt…relieved. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love my nephews. They’re sweet and wonderful and little boys are super-awesome.


Somehow, deep down, I always figured I’d make a way better girl mom. And, lucky for me, I have two daughters! My girls are the greatest, and I love them more than anything in the world. They’re funny and clever and talented. They make up really witty jokes (sometimes at my expense) and they’re surprisingly fashionable. (Surprising because they’re my children. Fortunately they got their style sense from their dad.)

One of the books I bought when they were little was called Dear Girl and it never failed to make me cry. It was so affirming and positive and excellent. That’s why I was delighted to find A Girl Like You at the library. I thought that maybe, maybe, it could live up to Dear Girl. And guess what?

It totally did.

This book is wonderful from start to finish. Let’s start with the art. It’s absolutely gorgeous. I love the way Ms. Harren has depicted girls of all different sizes, backgrounds and abilities. The scenes she depicts complement the writing perfectly. A-plus!

And the text. Well. Let me just say: if you have a little girl, you need to read her this book. I think that sometimes we assume kids pick up on the fact that they’re great and special and whatnot, but we don’t explicitly say HOW they’re great and special. Or WHY they shouldn’t be afraid to let their light shine. This book lays it all out: “The world needs a girl like you.” It then goes on to explain WHAT kind of girl you are:

A brave girl. A bold girl. A strong, caring girl. A girl with passions and talents. A girl who isn’t afraid to fall and get back up. A girl who isn’t afraid to have disagreements with people. Who apologizes when she’s wrong, but doesn’t OVER apologize. (Hitting close to home here, authors.) A thoughtful girl (the art on the page where the little girl’s cat has died literally made me cry). A girl who is empathic, smart, caring. A girl who has feelings and can turn to others if the feelings get too big.

It’s amazing, this book. I am going to buy myself a copy because:

a) My girls need to hear these things. Even though I try to reinforce these specific lessons, it’s nice to have them laid out in a book, perfect for reading and discussing.

b) I need to hear these things. Heck, I think most adults need to be reminded of these things. Be strong, be brave, be kind, be gentle.

This is one of the books I’m going to get mamas with girls. It’s amazing and I absolutely loved it. (And, not to worry, if you’re a boy mama, there’s also A Boy Like You!)

Jess’ review: 5/5 stars

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