Hi, I’m Jess! Thanks for dropping by my bloggy. I started this YEARS ago, but then kinda got side-tracked by babies. But I’m back! I am a huge kid lit fan. I love picture books, board books, YA, middle reader…you name it, I’ll read it! (Although I’m presently focusing on picture books because of my audience…which brings me to the next part…)

I have two little ladies, currently aged 4 (Lily) and 6 (Vivi). They are hilarious and clever and awesome and they too adore books. You’ll meet them in many of the reviews. My very patient husband, Karl, also makes an appearance now and then.

I am a former creative writer/creative lead for a children’s website and I have started my own (very small) publishing company, Buttertart Books. In my dreams it either becomes super-popular or I get to sign a contract with a *real, honest-to-goodness* publisher.

In the mean time, I’m going to be here on the regular, reviewing books – mostly good ones, occasionally terrible ones. I would love to hear your feedback, so please comment on anything/everything!

Let’s get reading!

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