A Wee Boo

Title: A Wee Boo
Author: Jessica Boyd
Illustrator: Brooke Kerrigan
Published By: Orca Book Publishers, 2022

You guys, you guys, you guys…my book is here. Like, it’s really, really here. I am literally holding it (lovingly) in my arms RIGHT NOW. Even though it’s still a challenge to get a copy in stores, I got my author copies tonight. Much screaming occurred. I hope the neighbours aren’t worried.

Anyway, I promised I’d review my book when it came out, so I’m going to. And believe me, I am going to try to be super-objective in my review. Suuuper objective.

So. Here’s what I’d say, if this wasn’t MY sweet baby book. If this book was the product of someone else’s imagination. This is what I’d say.

OMG, you have to get this totally amazing book! It’s maybe the greatest ghost book ever written!

Ahem. Okay, more objective than that.

This book is a delight. Wee Boo is absolutely adorable, and the story leaves me feeling all warm and fuzzy inside.

What’s it about? So glad you asked! It’s about a sweet ghost named Wee Boo. All she really wants in life is to get her Haunting Licence and become a proper ghost. But in order to be licenced, she needs to scare someone. And that’s a problem because she’s exceptionally cute.
Boo fails to get her licence twice in a row, and has to report back to Ghost School (and a very unhappy group of teacher ghosts). The teachers give her one last chance to scare someone. Wee Boo ends up at a home with a family. She can’t scare the mom, dad or cat…but there’s a fourth someone living there.

A baby.

Super-easy, right? Babies are natural scaredy-cats! But instead of being freaked out, the baby giggles at Boo’s antics. It’s only when the baby’s parents see her giggling at nothing (they can’t see Boo) that they’re creeped out. And voila! Wee Boo scared someone (the parents). She gets her Haunting Licence, hooray…but…somehow, Boo is still unfulfilled. That’s when she realizes something: instead of being a proper ghost, she’d rather be an imaginary friend. Boo returns to the house and she and the baby are pictured on the endpages growing up together.

You guys. Seriously. Even if this wasn’t my book, I’d be totally sniffling by the end.

Brooke (the fabulous illustrator) did a phenomenal job. One day, I hope to actually meet her! She’s so talented and Boo is everything I hoped she’d be. The art makes me so happy.

The book makes me so happy.

πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Give it a read, let me know if you love it. (I know you will.)

Five little ghosts out of five. πŸ™‚

2 thoughts on “A Wee Boo

  1. Our local bookstore had the audacity to put A Wee Boo in the clearance section just because it wasn’t Halloween anymore! Hello, ghosts are enjoyable all year long! My five year old loves this book more than any other. We read it every day. She wanted me to send you her comments:
    β€œWe love it. It’s sooo cute. Wee Boo is so cute. We’re gonna keep it like 68 or like 99 or a hundred weeks!” – Clara
    Seriously, this is the most perfect book for our family. A lot of kids love ghost stories and all kids love cute, and it was genius to combine the two.

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