King Baby

Title: King Baby
Author/Illustrator: Kate Beaton
Published: Author A. Levine Books, 2016


I’ve been hitting the library pretty hard this summer, book-loving peeps. I currently have over 50 books out and they keep letting me borrow them. (Fun fact: the libraries in my area have a 150 book limit. Challenge ACCEPTED!)

One of the books we discovered in our latest bunch is the fabulous, hilarious, ridiculous King Baby by Kate Beaton. I actually analyzed one of her other books (The Princess and the Pony) for a class I was taking through Ryerson (I’m working on a publishing certificate in my spare time). I fell in love with her art/writing. I then started reading her web comic Hark! A Vagrant! (which is also now a book). I was a pretty big fan of Ms. Beaton’s before King Baby, but I am a huge fan now.

King Baby is on high rotation in our house. I think I’ve read it four or five times already. And it never loses its charm. Let’s figure out why:

  1. The baby is insanely ridiculous. From his egg-shaped body to his adorable demands (he just wants the thing, darn it!) and his outgoing personality, he’s a winner.
  2. It’s so accurate. As a parent, I completely, 100% felt like my daughters were “Queen babies” for the first year or so of their lives. (Ah, who am I kidding? They’re still the queens, really.) The fact that babies WANT stuff and NEED stuff and have literally no way other than crying to spread their message is maddening and very much like working for an insane royal.
  3. The art is phenomenal. It’s simple but so, so cute. It *sort of* reminded me of Scott Campbell’s Hug Machine, but more vibrant and less watercolor-y.
  4. It’s appealing to both kids and parents. This is something rare and wonderful to find in a picture book.
  5. You MUST read it like Plankton from SpongeBob. It doesn’t work nearly as well if you read it straight…get into it, people! Release your inner king! (But really, be inspired by Plankton. It is HILARIOUS if you read it like that. I promise!)

So we are 100% putting this on our “Books We’d Really Like for Christmas” list. I LOVE this book. A dear friend is having a baby boy in the new year and I’ll be picking up a copy of this book for her (she’s a bit of a kid lit fan herself).

Yay for Kate Beaton!

Mama’s Review: A+
Vivi’s Review: “I literally LOVE everything about that book.”
Lily’s Review: “That story is so funny. I love the baby so much!”
Daddy’s Review: “It’s pretty much perfect. The art works really well with the story.”


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