Where is Green Sheep?

Title: Where is Green Sheep?
Author: Mem Fox
Illustrated by: Judy Horacek
Published by: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2004


There are certain books that we read SO much when my kids were babies and toddlers that I have them memorized. Perfect Piggies by Sandra Boynton used to circle through my brain as I was trying to fall asleep. Vivi loved that book SO MUCH. Oh, man…it’s happening again (I can’t stop hearing the ‘snuffle-dee-dahs’).

Anyway, today we’re going to review a book that Lily really loved. Where is Green Sheep by Mem Fox. She still likes it now, even though she’s three and ‘not a baby’ anymore (*sob*).

Here, in a single sentence, is the premise: green sheep is lost and the reader has to find him.

Now, normally that wouldn’t be enough to carry a book. But this is a board book and it’s written by the fabulous Mem Fox, so it’s more than enough.

The reader is challenged to look on each page for the elusive green sheep. The art is absolutely adorable. The sheep are fluffy and fat and doing many different and wonderful things. The book is in rhyme and it moves along really well. It’s a great book to add to your library, and totally fun to read multiple times (trust me on that).

It’s a pleasure to read with a little one.

It was nice to revisit this story. Soon, Lily will be totally over board books and too cool for school and reading whatever the latest TwilightI-esque novel is. I’ll just be sadly sniffling in the corner, remembering when my babies were little enough for a board book and a cuddle.

Mama’s review: 10 nostalgic hearts/10

Lily’s review: “I still really like those sheep, mama. They’re so cute!”


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