when’s my birthday?


Title: when’s my birthday?
Author: Julie Fogliano
Illustrator: Christian Robinson
Publisher: Roaring Brook Press, 2017

As I have mentioned a bazillion times before, I have two (delightful) daughters. One has a very-end-of November birthday and one has a mid-January birthday.

Vivi, my November baby, loves her birthday. It’s the perfect preamble to Christmas. Close enough to be a good lead-in holiday,  yet far enough away to not get eclipsed by the festivities.

Lily, on the other hand, is starting to see a downside to having her birthday take place less than a month after Christmas. First of all, the weather in January is consistently terrible. Second, everyone is pretty partied-out by that point in the year. Third, your birthday is over right at the beginning of the year, with no birthday in sight for twelve long months.

Which is why we’re having Lily Appreciation Day this coming Sunday. As you might imagine, Lily is extremely happy about this. Vivi had a little graduation-from-kindergarten day in June, so she had her mid-year celebration. Lily hasn’t really graduated from anything/accomplished anything major other than being generally awesome, so we decided to appreciate her for who she is.

Having this  Appreciation Day on the calendar does not stop her from discussing her eventual fourth birthday, however. Which is why, when I got when’s my birthday? from the library, Lily was on board for several (dozen) readings.

First, the art. The book is adorable. I love the format (it’s tall and kind of skinny) and the art is phenomenal. I love books that beg you to stare at the pages and really appreciate the texture/techniques/skills involved in making the picture. Christian Robinson has done a phenomenal job using paint and collage to create a fun and interesting book to look at. We unanimously loved the art.

The story is cute. It follows a little girl throughout the year as she anticipates her birthday finally arriving. She asks when her birthday will take place throughout the seasons. She discusses the types of gifts she might like. The kind of cake she would enjoy. The types of guests she might like (note: I would also like to invite a sloth to my birthday). Basically, Julie Fogliano knows kids. She knows what kids think of before their big day.  The book captures the excitement and the build up that occurs days, weeks and, yes, months ahead of a birthday. It’s a great way to discuss all the different aspects of a birthday, and to get your kid’s input on what they’d like at their party.

Even if that happens to be a mid-summer appreciation day because of a January birthday.

Mama’s review: 9/10
Lily’s review: “I would have a cat-themed party with cat cake and cat guests.”

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