Worm Loves Worm


Title: Worm Loves Worm
Author: J.J. Austrian
Illustrator: Mike Curato
Published: Balzer & Bray, 2016


When a worm loves a worm, what is the happy couple to do? Get married of course! That’s the simple premise of this adorable picture book: get married to the person (or worm) you love best.

Even if a cricket tells you that you need to have someone preside over your wedding (because that’s how it’s always been done).
Even if a beetle tells you that he should be your ‘best beetle’ (because that’s how it’s always been done).
Even if the bees tell you that they should really be your bride’s bees (because that’s how it’s always been done).
And even if you don’t have fingers for rings, or feet to dance or if neither of you specifically wants to wear a complete tuxedo or bridal ensemble. It doesn’t matter what’s the ‘usual’ or ‘the way things are supposed to be.’ What matters is what you’re comfortable with and what makes you (and your partner) happy.*

The art in this book is adorable. Worms are deceptively difficult to draw in a cute and expressive way, but Mike Curato nails it. The story is so positive and lovely.

If you’re looking for a book that’s about:
a) loving who you love
b) adorable worms and their insect friends, and
c) following your heart, no matter what others may say

then this is the book for you! Happy Pride, everyone!

Mama’s review: 4.5/5
Vivi’s review: 5 worms/5
Lily’s review: The bees are really cute!


And that’s why I wore purple instead of white at my wedding, and had a giant cookie buffet with take-home bags and why our ‘save-the-date’ cards featured my husband and I on a Magic the Gathering card. Because it’s all about what makes the couple happy!

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