Goodnight, Gorilla

Title: Goodnight, Gorilla

Author: Peggy Rathmann

Age Group: 1-3 years old

The plot, in three sentences or less: The zookeeper is saying goodnight to all the animals, but he’s being trailed by a sneaky gorilla who happens to have his key ring! All the animals follow the zookeeper right into his bedroom, and have to be escorted back to the zoo by the zookeeper’s wife. The gorilla, however, sneaks back into bed with them in the end.

The Good:

* This book has so few words, yet is so amazingly captivating. The Grumpkin has loved this one for about six months now.

* The art is colorful and adorable. I love the giraffe!

* The story is peaceful. It’s naturally conducive to going to bed.

* It’s a quick read. Trust me, after the eightieth time (in one night), this is appreciated.

* For the observant ones in the crowd, check out the journey the balloon takes (in the background of each page) while the story progresses. Nice touch!

The Bad:

* Truthfully, I’ve got nothing. This is a great book for the little ‘uns.

My Overall Opinion:

Definitely a super one for bedtime. The Grumpkin will, however, request this book at any point in the day. Her favourite page (by far) is the one where the wife realizes the animals are in the room with her. It’s the surprised expression that gets my gal giggling.

So pick it up. What are you waiting for? 🙂

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